September 1, 2019

001 – Welcome

Welcome to the first post on the Dalcon Environmental Blog.

Here we will post commentary, articles and links to various sources on issues relating mostly to harmful algae and harmful algae blooms (HABs) as well as the occasional update about what is going on at Dalcon Environmental.

There is a lot happening globally concerning HABs.  As predicted well over two decades ago, as a result of a changing global climate, the frequency, magnitude, duration, geographical extent and seasonality of HABs (marine and freshwater) are all increasing.

We will try to maintain a local and national focus but, regrettably, HABs are not a big issue here in Australia.

Unless a high profile system such as the Murray-Darling River system turns green and reeks of dead fish, we hear very little about algal blooms.  When this happens, there is a lot of coverage and political interest, and everyone jumps on the bandwagon.  Millions of (more) dollars are committed (largely to addressing the symptoms, not the cause), politicians scream outrage and wretch over rotting fish (what! you missed that video? oh you have to see it here), landowners blame each other, regulators blame anyone but themselves and then, as the bloom dies off so does the hoo-hah.

Well, if we were to turn our attention overseas, particularly to the US, we would begin to see that the “hoo-hah” free periods are becoming shorter and shorter, and the costs (economic and political) associated with HABs are becoming greater.  Let’s not forget the environmental costs either.  These are becoming more and more apparent, impacts that were once subtle and perhaps not linked to seasonal “natural” HABs are now much greater, and the links to HABs are now very apparent.

These things tend to creep up on us slowly and can catch us by surprise if we are not vigilant.  For example, read about the events that shut down the Tasmanian shellfish aquaculture industry in 2012 and cost the local economy $23 million here.

So DalconEnvironmental will be vigilant on your behalf.  We will be commenting on local issues and international issues to draw attention to the current and potential impacts of HABs.

So stay tuned and please subscribe to this blog.

Thank you

DE Blogmaster.

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