September 2, 2019

002 – Dalcon Environmental Update

We have been pretty busy here at Dalcon Environmental so here’s a bit of an update.

Our website has been updated as you would be aware if you are reading this blog.  In addition to this new blog feature, which you can subscribe to, by the way, we have moved a few of the menu items around a bit and added a few more.

The blog will be updated from time to time, mostly on issues relating to algae and harmful algae blooms.  Check out Blog #001 for more information.

The other new feature is the member’s area.  This is an area where Dalcon Environmental clients and colleagues can request login details to access chain of custody forms, copies of regulatory guidelines, copies of relevant research articles or anything else that may be relevant to their projects.  This area also incorporates a file transfer system for sending or receiving files that may be too large to email.

There is a new menu item “Biotoxins” which provides an overview of our new capacity to test for marine and freshwater biotoxins using ELISA kits and several brands of rapid test strips.  An upcoming blog will go into more detail.

The Western Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (WASQAP) now has it’s own menu item.  Over the past few years, the Western Australian Government has invested millions of dollars to boost aquaculture in WA, including the establishment of Aquaculture Development Zones, particularly in the Kimberley and Mid-West regions of Western Australia.  Due in part to the development of these zones, there is an expansion of shellfish aquaculture in Western Australia, and Dalcon Environmental is proud to have been supporting this industry in WA since 1998.

As mentioned above, the shellfish aquaculture industry in Western Australia is expanding, and we are assisting both new and existing operations toward the classification of new lease areas by undertaking their phytoplankton surveillance.  The expansion of Dalcon Environmental’s capacity to include biotoxin testing is also to support Western Australia’s aquaculture industry.

As part of our commitment to the WA shellfish aquaculture industry, and in conjunction with the Aquaculture Council of WA and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, we are currently undertaking an FRDC funded project to validate several rapid test kit technologies for the detection and quantification of amnesic shellfish toxins (ASTs) in WA.  The specific toxin involved is domoic acid which is produced by several species of the diatom genus Pseudo-nitzschia.  This project supports other projects undertaken to validate rapid test kits for paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs) in Tasmania (complete), and diarrhetic shellfish toxins (DSTs) in NSW (in progress).  All of these will be available for use in WA once the studies are complete.

We continue to work on all of our ongoing projects, some of which we have been a part of for over 20 years now!  We also have a few new projects; it is great to be busy.

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