Algal bloom response

Dalcon Environmental frequently investigates algal, or suspected algal, related problems from a variety of locations and water sources.  These investigations include the identification of scums and water discolouration (natural waters, mine voids, artificial wetlands, salt lakes, process waters, swimming pools and spas, bottled waters etc.), the identification of discolouration/growths on hard surfaces (concrete, paving, walls etc.), suspected algal biofouling of water treatment, desalination and reverse osmosis plants and so on.  These investigations also include Dalcon Environmental providing advice on the management and mitigation of any algal related issues.

Occasionally, the problem that we are investigating is not caused by algae but by bacteria, fungi or some other organism/material.  Dalcon Environmental has extensive experience  with such problems and, although the causative agent may be outside our areas of expertise, we can usually gather enough information from a preliminary analysis to be able to guide or clients to someone with the required expertise.

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