Specialist services in aquatic ecology and micro-algal taxonomy

Established in 1998, Dalcon is recognised as Western Australia’s premier supplier of algal taxonomic and ecological services.

Dalcon Environmental is the first and only organisation in Western Australia to be NATA accredited for the identification and enumeration of both planktonic and non-planktonic micro-algae and cyanobacteria from all water sources.

Since 1998, Dalcon Environmental has consisted of a team of highly skilled aquatic ecologists and algal taxonomists providing services to government, industry and individuals throughout Australia.

We possess a high-level of expertise and specialise in the identification of harmful and nuisance micro-algae from both freshwater and marine environments.  From your backyard swimming pool to long-term oceanographic studies, we can help you.

We have experience with a broad variety of project types

Baseline Studies

BioDiversity Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Impact Assessment

Remediation & Management

Introduced & Pest Species Survelliance

Aquaculture Quality Assurance

Biotoxin Analysis

In all aquatic environments

Freshwater Wetlands

Rivers & Estuaries

Salt Lakes

Coastal & Offshore Marine Waters

Salt Marshes

Port & Harbours

Waste Waters

Industrial & Process Waters

Drinking Waters

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