Perth metropolitan wetland monitoring

Stuart Helleren, Dalcon Environmental founder and Principal Scientist, has always been a strong advocate for increased awareness and understanding of algal blooms and the potential impacts of harmful algal in metropolitan wetlands (natural and artificial).  Stuart has an intimate knowledge of the wetlands of the Perth metropolitan area having been investigating them since the late 1980s and having conducted the most rigorous investigation of the algal (diatom) assemblages and water chemistry of many of these wetlands (41 wetlands between Rockingham and Wanneroo) in the early 1990s.  This passion has not wavered since founding Dalcon Environmental, in fact, having witnessed the dramatic impacts of climate change and land use on these wetlands in the ensuing years, it has intensified.

Dalcon Environmental has worked with many of Perth’s metropolitan and regional councils/shires to monitor and provide advice for the management of their wetlands, particularly concerning algal blooms and the associated environmental and public health implications.

Increasingly, algal blooms are a public health concern and an ecological problem in wetlands, waterways (rivers and estuaries) and oceans.  Problems associated with algal blooms in urban wetlands/water bodies include poor aesthetics and undesirable odours, adverse impacts on aquatic flora and fauna, adverse impacts on other fauna (e.g. avifauna, pets and livestock) and potential public health impacts related to direct and/or indirect contact with algal (cyanobacterial) endo- and exotoxins and/or exposure of mucous membranes to aerosolised endotoxins.

Refer to Freshwater Algae for more information regarding algae in wetlands.

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